Day 3 - Not Chartres, not a brewery?

Nothing went up on the blog last night as I conked out at 9pm. I think it might have been the extra anti histamine I took after getting bit/stung on my lip. I will keep it even briefer than normal today as I need to get the bike packed and get going.

You will see that although I am in Chartres, I have added no photos of Chartres Cathedral (every photo/video I am putting up during the ride I have taken). I saw it as I cycled to the hotel. To be honest though the hotel is in a suburb called Luce. It could be on the edge of any medium sized French town. After getting to the hotel/camp site it appears that I do not want to go anywhere that involves more than ten minutes walk. I am sure you will understand. So there you go I am in Chartres, but it could be any Ibis in any town in France.

This being in Chartres Luce reminded me of a story from a visit to the original Kronenbourg brewery in Strasbourg. The tour guide showed us the history of beer making and Kronenbourg particularly. This went from the founding through to today. The killer point being that the beer was no longer made in the brewery we were being shown round. The beer was made in a huge brewery miles away. Laurie switched off when she discovered the beer wasn’t made there anymore. I am not sure what the issue was, but I don’t know if she would respond in the same way to me saying I was staying in Chartres, but it actually being Luce.

Thanks for reading,