Day 7 - To be Limoged…

Another warm one today. But I was up early to get the bulk of todays riding in before the highest temperatures of the day. The last ten miles were at their warmest. I am staying in a Gîte in the middle of nowhere tonight. The nearest big town that you might have heard of is an hour drive away. It is called Limoges.

In the First World War French Generals who were relieved of command on the Western Front were sent to Limoges under virtual house arrest. They were essentially excommunicado for the period they were there. This was to stop them from sniping at Marshal Foche in the Parisian cafes.

As I said in one of my previous blogs people with autism experience the world differently to other people. If they perceive someone as over powering them or crowding them out they may try to avoid interacting with that person. This may be the case even when the person has been nothing other than kind and good natured. They may just be too much to deal with. We used to say Laurie had sacked someone if we observed this happening. I guess another way of putting it might be that someone had been figuratively ‘Limoged’.

I have two more days left of this block before I get to Bordeaux for another rest day. I have to say I am looking forward to coming out of my self imposed Limoges and having some company for a few days after that!

Thank for reading,