Day 8 - Food

Another day down, 16 to go. Most of the discomfort of today was after I stopped riding and tried to get, and stay cool. This afternoon was a bit of a struggle. As is normally the case for me, I felt better after some food.

Like everyone else those with autism benefit from eating a balanced diet. However, for a multi due of reasons this can prove difficult. It may be the case that a habit has formed that a person’s diet is drawn from a relatively small number of foods. This may not pose such a problem if all the food groups that are required for a healthy diet are included within the limited range. However, if they are not then this may mean an intervention of some form is required.

Another area where food can be difficulty for someone with autism is the taste. As noted in a previous blog, people with autism experience the world differently to people who do not have autism. People who are over sensitive may eat bland foods so that what they taste is not over powering. In contrast, those who do not taste food so strongly may prefer to eat things with a punchier flavour so they can really taste what they are eating.

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