Day 2 - Forges-Les-Eaux to Paris



The weather was more pleasant today, but I thought I was doing 80km, not 100km… The last hour was torture! I will be adding having a look at the route for the next day to the daily routine!

Speaking of routine people with autism can find the world a difficult place. They can use a daily routine to make sense of life. They might like to use the same route to and from different places. Special events like Christmas that others look forward to can cause challenges for those living with autism as their routine might change. For example, if they do their shopping on a Monday but all the shops are closed because it is Christmas.

I am beginning to develop my own routines to get through this ride. If I am camping the first thing to do is take down the tent. Then a quick wash, so that I am not sweaty for at least a few minutes! After that it is on the bike. I will ride till I find somewhere for a breakfast stop. After that, depending on when I start I will ride for a couple of hours and stop for lunch. After that, then hopefully I am nearly at my destination. If I am camping, then the tent gets put up before a shower and dinner. I don’t put the tent up in the hotel though. What would be the point of that? Finally you may already be getting fed up with the Social Media posts but they are part of the routine when riding round France apparently!

If you want to read a bit more about autism and routines as well as obsessions and repetitive behaviours please have a look here:

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Not the Tour Day 2 - Blog up later!

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