For many of us going on holiday and the change from ‘normal’ is part of what excites us about going on holiday. This might start with getting on the plane, through to not having to do any cooking!

However, autistic people can find change itself difficult to deal with. This can cause stress and worry and possibly challenging behaviour.


Where to go

When travelling there are a number of things to think about to address what might be a challenging time. This starts with thinking about where you might travel to.

You should think about the facilities available, as well as what training those at your destination might have had.



We all prepare for going on holiday, for most of us that might mean a trip to the shops or to change holiday money.

If you are travelling with someone who is autistic it might be worth showing them pictures of where you are going on holiday so that they know what to expect, or preparing a timetable so that everyone knows what is happening each day, or even just on how you are getting to the airport.