Every July about two hundred bike riders set off on la grande boucle, a loop round France. You probably know about it, the winner gets a yellow jersey! In July 2019 I didn’t join them but I did do my own ride.

Part one took me from the Channel down to Loire valley via Paris. The second block saw me riding down to the Atlantic, specifically Bordeaux. After that I rode across to the Mediterranean. When I said good bye to the Med I travelled to Geneva, after a few days riding through Switzerland and one day in Germany I arrived in the Black Forest. My sister passed away in November and I went through some of the places we went to on holiday with our parents when we were younger.

As well as having fun, I used this website to try and raise some money for the National Autistic Society (NAS). Laurie was supported by NAS for many years. Before and during the trip I used this page to raise the profile of NAS and try and tell you a bit about autism. If you are able to make a donation please click the button at the top of the page.

Thanks for visiting, and any support your are able to give. If you have any questions please get in touch!

Best wishes,