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Going to the Doctor/Dentist

Apologies, once again, I crashed out last night before I got a chance to write this blog. Day twenty three was the longest of the whole thing. The morning involved climbing to the highest point of the ride round France (which wasn’t really that high at 744m). and the second half was descent or flat. I stopped for lunch and felt pretty good at that point. After lunch it felt like cycling in an oven, a number of the pharmacy thermometers were showing 41 degrees. At one point I resorted to stopping in Aldi, buying 2kg of ice and a pillow case. The ice was put in the pillow case and the combined package was put down the back of my cycling jersey! That felt good, it kept me going the last ten miles, it stopped me from overheating and it kept me healthy!

Given the communication challenges some people on the autism challenge face it can be a challenge to remain healthy for some. People on the autism spectrum may not be able to communicate effectively with Doctors or Dentists to explain their symptoms. Other challenges with attending the Doctor or Dentist include the sensory issues someone on the autism spectrum may have to deal with, these may be related to noise, light or touch. Depending on whether the person is over sensitive or under sensitive then these could pose different challenges. Laurie wasn’t happy in the GP surgery one day and gave the doctor a sharp kick in the shins and ran out. One of the doctors who knew Laurie was able to calm her down and get her back in to the surgery. Finally, going to the Doctor or Dentist could result in change, this is something we know that people on the autism spectrum often do not deal with well. Together these issues can make attending the Doctor or the Dentist difficult for someone on the autism spectrum.

The main way of dealing with these challenges is to prepare the person for what they can expect when they go to see the Doctor or the Dentist. There is more information on this

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