Gorgier to Solothurn


National Autistic Society

Day twenty two feels almost like a rest day. Dad was riding with me again today and we got to tonight’s accommodation just after lunch time. This was the first and only full day in Switzerland. Unbeknownst to me until I put the hotels address in to the GPS, the hotel in Geneva was actually just across the border in France. We were in and out of Switzerland on the rest day though, once to get the brakes on my bike fixed and again for lunch with my Mum’s Uncle Bob. Tomorrow I will leave Switzerland and head back in to France, and depending on where the Garmin takes me along the way I may go in to Germany for a few kilometres too.

Twenty two days on the bike (two days to go) has proven to be a little more challenging than I thought it would be – more in the head than physically. My Mum and Dad have taken their holiday at the same time as me, and I probably would not have made it this far  without their company and support. Thanks to them for that. 

 The National Autistic Society provides a number of services, some of which I have referenced in other blog entries. These include providing support to those with autism, to help them live their lives without being isolated or being dependent on family. They provide these services to people on the autism spectrum in their own homes and in NAS’s residential facilities.

For many years after Laurie was diagnosed as being Aspergers she was supported by different organisations. However, I think she was happiest in Springburn. The staff in Springburn became a second family to Laurie and she was very fond of them and they of her 

The staff at NAS supported Laurie to develop and do the things she wanted to do. During her years in Springburn Laurie lived a full and happy life. The various staff supported her musically, they sang with Laurie, they helped Laurie practice the flute and the piano, and they went along to the Choir with Laurie. They made sure Laurie was ready to go along to the rugby games – including making sure Laurie and Parksy the bear were prepared for whatever the weather might be like at Scotstoun. They cooked with Laurie and made all sorts of interesting things. They got Laurie in a way I probably never did. The staff at Springburn are another group to whom I will always be grateful.

NAS provide valuable services to a number of people who on the autism spectrum across the UK. I do not know how the donations you have made will be used but I am sure they will benefit those who use the services NAS provides. As with most of the subjects I have raised on the blog more information is available at www.autism.org.uk.

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