Dieppe to Forges-Les-Eaux




Today is the first day on the bike! I think it might have been my warmest day on a bike. If it wasn’t for the heat it would have been a relatively easy 59km (it was only supposed to be 55km but I got lost in Dieppe… the first 3km are on Strava to prove they happened) ride. Tomorrow takes me to Paris.

I will be communicating using Twitter and Instagram, please look up @notthetour on both. If you are bored at work in the next few weeks you will also be able to dot spot as I move (slowly) round France. Given the lack of speed you will need to be fairly bored!

Thank you again for all the donations – to say I am grateful for the donations and support would be understating it! However, as well as raising money I wanted to try and impart some knowledge about autism. With this in mind and given the awkward use of communicating above – communication will be the subject of the rest of this update.

People with autism tend to take things literally. Irony might not work so well, and woe betide the swimming teacher who says “swim to the bottom of the pool and wait for me.” They may quickly realise they meant to say “swim to the other end of the pool and wait for me.”

When Laurie was younger my parents gave her a mobile phone, it rang she didn’t answer it. They had a cunning plan though. They recorded their voices as the ring tone. Mum’s ringtone said “Laurie answer the phone.” Laurie answered the phone. For some reason when Dad called Laurie wouldn’t answer. It was only when I was home one day when Laurie wasn’t answering the phone. I went through to see why not. Dad’s ringtone said “Laurie pick up the phone”. She had done what she had been told, but no communication took place.

Thanks for reading, until the next time!