Vendome to Amboise



Today was a shorter day which was much required. I am now five days and 420km (260 miles) in to my loop from the Channel, down to the Mediterranean and then back up to the Black Forrest via Switzerland. Nineteen days on the bike, with another four rest days to go. The first of those rest days is tomorrow.

The National Autistic Society provides a number of services to support autistic people and their families. In Scotland these services include supported living services, providing information and advice, employment support, education support, mentoring, Daldorch House School, working with businesses so they can better support people with autism, a help line and campaigning for the rights of autistic people. 

For more information on the services provided by NAS please have a look here: 

Finally, as noted above, I will be taking a short rest from the bike tomorrow. NAS offers respite services for adults in Glasgow, Gravesend, and South Wales. NAS also provides a short break service for children and young people which is available in different locations across the country.

For more information about short break services please look here:

There will be no blog tomorrow but there will be something after my next day on the bike.